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Firestone EPDM Lining Systems

In line with Rubber Roofing Systems’ policy of partnering with the best companies we chose Firestone for the outstanding characteristics of their products for all applications in our field of business.

Rubber Roofing Systems Africa supplies, installs and supports the Firestone PondGard™ 1.0 mm and Firestone GeoGard™  1.1mm and 1.5mm EPDM lining throughout Southern Africa.

firestone epdm lining systems south africa

The Benefits of the System

Firestone PondGard™ and Firestone GeoGard™ is a high performance rubber liner offering a unique combination of benefits which have long been recognised by professional landscape installers and architects, allowing them problem free waterscaping.  The Firestone EPDM Lining system is a 100% reliable solution for failed concrete or plastic liners.

Firestone PondGard™ and Firestone GeoGard™ are ideal for lining Ponds, Dams, Eco Pools, Canals, Constructed Wetlands, Water Reservoirs, Exposed Covers and Caps and are the perfect applications for Planters, Roof Gardens and Green Roofs.

Easy to Install

Installation of the Firestone Roofing and Lining System is simple, as the material is easy to position and available in a variety of large, seamless sheet sizes. Multiple Firestone EPDM sheets can be assembled on site using the Firestone Quickseam™ Tape System. No special tools or skills are required.

Quick and simple installation in loose laid applications or a fully adhered systems installed by trained installers/contractors.

Flexible for Creative Design

Firestone EPDM remains highly flexible (even at -45%), enabling year round installation. Easily shaped to fit the contours of unique forms, Firestone PondGard and Firestone GeoGard™ means creative freedom and the ability to accomplish even the most challenging designs.

High Elongation

Firestone EPDM features excellent expansion and contraction characteristics and can elongate over 300% to accommodate building and earth movements and temperature fluctuations. This enables the liner to stretch and conform to undulations in the substrate as well as to manage stress caused by earth movement and erosion once the pond or dam is in service.

Environmentally Friendly

Firestone PondGard™ is specially formulated to be safe for fish and aquatic plant life. This guarantee is confirmed by the special marking on the membrane. Being a highly stable membrane, Firestone PondGard™  and Firestone GeoGard™ also resists microbial and algae attack, resulting in naturally healthy ponds. Furthermore, Firestone Building Products production plants have received ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System.

Lasting Durability

Firestone PondGard™ and Firestone GeoGard™ offers outstanding resistance to UV exposure, ozone, frost, snow and extreme temperatures. Our liner contains no migrating plasticizers, which ensures no cracking or splitting. Even after more than four decades in service, dams and water features built with Firestone PondGardTM are as functional and beautiful as the day they were installed.

Root Resistance

Firestone PondGard™ and Firestone GeoGard are root resistant based on the CEN/TS 14416 test method (eq. DIN 4062). In case of bamboo, reed and other plants that exhibit rhizome formation (eg Phragmites, Phragmites communis, Typha,….) a separate root barrier is required, or the plants should be confined within a space separated from the Firestone PondGard™ and Firestone GeoGard.

Low life-cycle Cost

Firestone EPDM requires little or no maintenance. Should the occasion arise, the membrane can be repaired using the Firestone Quickseam™ Tape Products. The durablity of the EDPM lining systems result in a very low life-cycle cost.

ISO 14001 and 9001 CERTIFIED

Available in:

  • Roll widths: 3,05 – 6,10 – 9,15 metres
  • Roll lengths: 30,50 metres
  • Thickness
    • PondGard : 1,0 mm
    • GeoGard : 1,14 mm and 1.52mm
    • RubberGard : 1.14mm and 1.52mm

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