Firestone EPDM Roofing & Lining Systems Products

EPDM Seams

Proven Seaming Technology

The large Firestone EPDM panels are assembled on site using the highly effective Firestone QuickSeamTM Splice Tape System. This advanced seaming method is based on Firestone QuickSeamTM Splice Tape, a self-adhesive EPDM/butyl tape designed for field splicing of Firestone EPDM membranes. Since its first roofing application in 1987, millions of linear meters of Firestone QuickSeamTM Tape have been successfully installed on rooftops worldwide.

Twice the seam strength. Twice as fast.

The complete line of QuickSeamTM Tape products generates twice the seam strength of conventional adhesives. Besides this, the field seaming technology offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduced labor times for seaming
  • Easy to install
  • Superior long-term performance thanks to stronger seams
  • Low sensitivity to humidity
  • Reduced VOC emissions
  • For more information on the QuickSeam Splice Tape technology, click here (PDF).


Accessories for total EPDM roofing systems

Firestone has developed a complete range of accessories for its RubberGard EPDMTM membranes to meet the requirements of various roofing applications and installation details. This offers building owners and specifiers the convenience to obtain all components necessary for a total EPDM roofing system from one single source: Firestone Building Products.

The accessories have been split up into different categories:

These pages give an overview of all available accessories. Please click on the respective product names for the Technical Information Sheet (TIS) or download all EPDM Technical Information Sheets (PDF). For SDS (Safety Data Sheets), click here.