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Firestone GeoGard™

Firestone GeoGardTM is a rubber liner offering a flexible and durable solution for a wide variety of agricultural, industrial and commercial applications including:
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  • Irrigation reservoirs and canals
  • Fire reservoirs
  • Agricultural pits and ponds
  • Aquaculture ponds
  • Settlement lagoons
  • Waste Water reservoirs
  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Landfill capping
  • Artificial lakes

The Firestone GeoGardTM is a fully engineered system.  It is a synthetic rubber membrane with a cross linked polymer structure resulting in a chemically stable membrane with very unique features and benefits:

Highly Flexible

Even in very high or very low temperatures.  This flexibility allows the membrane to adapt to any irregular shapes in the substrate.

High Elasticity

The Firestone membrane can be elongated over 300% in all directions and without cracking  to accommodate the earth settlements.

Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance

The Firestone GeoGardTM provides almost unlimited hydrostatic pressure resistance allowing the membrane to be used in deep, large-size water reservoirs.

Dimensional Stability & Long Term Durability

The Firestone EPDM GeoGardTM membrane can be deformed but will always return to its original size and shape without compromising the integrity of the product.  The membrane is UV resistant and has unmatched resistance to ozone and extreme temperature fluctuations.   The membrane has been in irrigation reservoirs located in the South of Spain for over 40 years already and today, even after decades of service, the rubber liner continues to provide a dependable waterproof solution.

Easy to Install

Firestone GeoGardTM is available in large panel sizes resulting in shorter installation times and fewer field seams.  Additionally the Firestone QuickSeamTM Tape System provides a proven field seaming solution without requiring any special tools or heat guns.

Chemical Resistance

The Firestone GeoGardTM membrane has a fairly broad spectrum chemical resistance.  However some products are not compatible with EPDM eg hydrocarbons, grease etc.  There is a list of compatible chemical compounds available on request.  If in any doubt about the compatibility, It is strongly advised to consult with a technical representative of Firestone.

In addition to water storage, Firestone GeoGardTM is highly suitable for applications such as livestock, effluent storage and waste water storage.  It must not be used to store chemical products.

Environmentally Friendly

It is a chemically stable membrane without any environmental pollutants.  It has a long life expectancy and recycling options.  These combined with its use for water conservation and environmental protection, make it a green geomembrane solution.  Firestones commitment to this end has lead to numerous initiatives throughout the company including an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management Systems at its EPDM manufacturing facilities.

firestone geogard south africaThe Firestone GeoGardTM membrane is available in 30.5m length rolls and widths of 3.05m, 6.1m wide and 9.15m wide rolls.

Technical Information

For technical information on Firestone GeoGardTM please click on the following link: Technical information

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